Protecting Your Hair, Skin & Nails during winter



Winter can be harsh and can wreak havoc on your skin, hair and nails. Cold temperatures, icy winds and limited humidity are some of the key contributing factors that cause dry hair, dehydrated skin, brittle nails and a dull complexion.

Here’s what you need to know to help combat the winter blues and to keep your skin, hair and nails in tip-top condition.


Hair Care
Shampoo less & condition more

Hot water and over-washing your hair can cause dry scalp and, in turn, it can dry out and affect your hair’s health. The key is to space out the frequency of your washing and use conditioner after every shampoo, which will aid damaged or weathered hair and increase its strength.

Fewer Treatments

Excessive hair treatments can destroy your hair, for example, blow-drying your hair every day or getting multiple hair colours. Decrease how often you treat or blow-dry your hair to help it survive through winter.

Skin Care
Minimise Shower Time & Maximise Moisturising
Have you ever have had a long shower, where you feel that your skin is super tight once you get out? That’s due to your skin becoming dry - it’s funny that water can dry you out! The key here is to limit how long you spend in the shower and to moisturise daily. Research has proven that the best time to moisturise your skin is right after a shower when the body is damp.

Avoid Harsh Soaps

Certain soaps are made with harsh components that harm and irritate the skin, causing damage. The remedy for this is to find a soap that avoids alcohol and fragrances, as these are two major reasons for irritated and dried out skin when washing. 

Nail Care
Put On Some Paw Paw

While you have may your skin and hair well moisturised and protected, sometimes the nails can be neglected. Using a natural paw paw ointment on your nails will help prevent and reduce brittle and chipped nails. It’s suggested to place some on your nails before bed so that it can sink in and work its magic overnight.

Watch Your Hand Washing Routine

Washing your hands repeatedly throughout the day is a common and important practice (especially throughout the current pandemic), however, over-washing your hands can dry out the nails, resulting in them becoming brittle and chipped. One method to re-vamp your nails is to apply hand moisturiser every time you wash them.

And finally, there’s an all-rounder method to aid your skin, hair and nails. Find a silica-based ingestible beauty product - like any of Qsilica’s 100% vegan formulas!




I hope this article gives you the knowledge and tools needed to fight off those damaging winters and keep your skin, hair and nails in fighting fit condition.