Can VITUS be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Products safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding include; VITUS Spirulina, VITUS Digestive, VITUS Vegan B12, VITUS Vegan Protein, VITUS Vegan Omega, VITUS Clean Greens, VITUS Calcium, VITUS Iron + C and VITUS Vitamin C. Please seek further advice from your Health Practitioner if required.

VITUS Magnesium is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it contains magnesium hydroxide, 'Supplementary Sports Food' and is therefore not suitable for pregnant women or children under 15 years of age.

What does RDI mean?

Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI), sometimes referred to as recommended daily intake, is the average daily intake level of a nutrient that is likely to meet the nutrient requirements for 97-98% of healthy individuals.

Do all VITUS products contain 100% RDI of the vitamin and or mineral presented?

VITUS products which meet the RDI of the specific vitamin or mineral presented on the label include; VITUS B12, VITUS IRON + C, VITUS VITAMIN C, VITUS CALCIUM and VITUS MAGNESIUM.

Why is there sometimes a variance in the colour from one batch of VITUS powder to the next? 

At VITUS we use 100% natural wholefoods to create our nutrient dense range. As these foods are often seasonal, in some cases there may be a slight variation in colour between batches depending on many elements involved in the growth and production of these premium food ingredients. The entire VITUS range maintains a pure plant, ocean or desert sourced promise, with no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. We always ensure that every batch of powder meets the extreme standards of the VITUS range.

Is VITUS suitable for children?  

The VITUS range (and recommended dosage and RDI information) has been developed for adults. We therefore recommend speaking to a healthcare provider/Doctor, as they will be able to assist with converting the serving size to a suitable dose. Information such as weight, age, medical history and diet may help your healthcare provider/Doctor come up with their recommendation. VITUS Magnesium is not recommended for children under 15 years of age.

How should VITUS be stored?  

VITUS should be stored in a dry place below 25°C and out of direct sunlight.

Can VITUS help with deficiencies? 

VITUS products are nutrient rich to assist in meeting nutritionals needs, however they’re not designed to treat any illnesses or conditions. We therefore advise speaking to a healthcare provider/Doctor for further advice on treating a deficiency.

Can I replace meals with VITUS?

Our VITUS products are not designed to replace meals. They provide essential nutrients to support overall health & wellbeing and should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Are all VITUS products vegan?

Yes, the entire VITUS range is vegan verified and contains no animal bi-products. We are also a proudly cruelty-free brand and are PETA business friends.

Are all products Gluten Free?

VITUS products that are free from gluten include; VITUS Spirulina, VITUS Digestive, VITUS B12, VITUS Vegan Omega, VITUS Clean Greens, VITUS Calcium, VITUS Iron + C, VITUS Vitamin C and VITUS Magnesium.

VITUS Vegan Protein has shown minimal traces of gluten when tested.

Where are the VITUS products made? 

Our VITUS VEGAN WHOLEFOOD NUTRITION range is manufactured in Australia to strict GMP manufacturing standards.

Where is Spirulina grown? 

VITUS Spirulina is sourced from the world’s #1 Pioneer and Manufacturer of Spirulina. The 1st Spirulina farm in the USA, currently the world’s largest. VITUS Spirulina is grown at the source (in the USA) and packaged in Australia to the highest standards. Total time from live culture to preserving nutrients in powder form is only 15 minutes. Safety Assurance Tests (Every batch) & >10 3rd party and internal audits per year. GMP Producer with GRAS, ISO, FSSC certifications. 

VITUS Spirulina is grown free from;                  

  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Preservatives
  • Dyes
  • Chemicals
  • Irradiation
  • Fumigation  

VITUS Spirulina is grown in ideal conditions;

  • Isolated, desert location in USA
  • Clean air, away from pollution
  • Stable weather: Limited rainfall, sun
  • Clean, purified alkaline mountain water constantly tested for purity and safety

Are VITUS Clean Greens grown locally?

VITUS Clean Greens is 100% organic and dried at the source in Australia.

What are the ingredients of the AGM Grain Powder in VITUS VEGAN PROTEIN?

The AGM Grain Powder is a combination of organic fermented ingredients, in descending order:      

  • Mung Beans
  • Brown Rice
  • Red Lentils
  • Chick Peas
  • Linseed
  • Millet Grain
  • Quinoa
  • Agave

The fermented ingredients in VITUS Vegan Protein support gut health and natural vegan digestive enzymes to ensure the digestive system can fully process the proteins and benefit from complete absorption.

Are VITUS products sustainable?

VITUS wholefood supplements are responsibly packaged in recyclable glass bottles and lids. With an oxygen barrier induction seal, we also ensure optimal protection and freshness for the vital nutrients within. Each step has been carefully considered to ensure that VITUS reaches you with the freshest and most pure wholefood nutrition.

Our VITUS Vegan Protein is packaged in a 100% home compostable pouch;

100% Home compostable pouch

  • Simply peel off 2 VITUS labels and compost with regular household compost material


  • Our pouch is made from a mixture of components that are all plant based materials, predominantly from the Eucalyptus tree. For every tree used, another is planted in its place

Vincotte Certified

  • Our pouch has been through a rigorous testing process to prove that it biodegrades within 26 weeks (If the packaging does enter waste collection, it will not contribute toxins to landfill)  

Can all VITUS supplements be taken in conjunction with one another?  

Our VITUS vegan wholefoods are natural forms of vitamin and mineral rich food and can therefore be taken with one another or separately.

How should you take VITUS vegan supplements?

The serving suggestion/recommended dose is on the label of each product. Our vegan wholefood powders can be added to water, juice or a smoothie, stirred through a dip or sprinkled over your favourite food. Easy and delicious! Sign up to our newsletter and follow our social pages for recipe tips and ideas.

Our vegan capsules and tablets offer a convenient dose that can be taken with water, juice or your favourite plant based milk.


How long does it take to see results when using Qsilica?

Generally, we recommend taking Qsilica for 6-12 weeks before expecting results. Individual results and timing may vary from person to person.

We recommend being consistent as well as following the directions for use on the label. If more serious issues such as unusual hair loss or skin problems are the primary concerns, it is suggested that professional health care advice is sought - factors such as stress or hormonal imbalance may need to be considered.

How does Qsilica improve skin, hair & nail health?

Qsilica offers a convenient form of colloidal silica, a dietary mineral that supports skin, hair and nail health. Formulated to support from within, Qsilica helps maintain collagen health and formation as well as supporting skin’s structure and integrity. In addition, the Qsilica ONE-A-DAY range also contains biotin, zinc and selenium for added skin, hair and nail health and protection against free radical damage. Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN also contains a combination of wheat ceramides (Ceramosides™) and vitamin C in addition to mineral silica, to promote collagen production. Collagen provides a structural framework for skin by supporting its thickness and integrity.

Is Qsilica safe to take when pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant, considering becoming pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend seeking professional health care advice from your practitioner prior to making any dietary changes such as incorporating a supplement into your routine.

QSILICA ORIGINAL: Qsilica ORIGINAL Skin, Hair, & Nails Capsules contain only one active ingredient, colloidal mineral silica and does not contain any additional active ingredients. There are no contraindications for silica during pregnancy or breastfeeding and therefore, with advice from your medical professional Qsilica ORIGINAL Skin, Hair, & Nails Capsules can be considered for use during pregnancy. Qsilica ORIGINAL Skin, Hair and Nails Oral liquid contains natural lemongrass essential oil which is has not been evaluated for safety during pregnancy and therefore the Qsilica ORIGINAL Skin, Hair and Nails Oral liquid should be avoided during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

QSILICA ONE-A-DAY: Qsilica ONE-A-DAY tablets contains zinc, selenium and biotin, in addition to the colloidal silica. As these may also be present in other pregnancy supplements, we would recommend speaking to a healthcare provider before taking the Qsilica ONE-A-DAY, as they will be able to guide you based on your specific diet and supplement intake amongst other factors.

QSILICA PRO COLLAGEN: We would recommend seeking advice from your health practitioner before taking PRO COLLAGEN capsules during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Is it normal for separation to occur in Qsilica liquid?

Yes, due to the heavier weights of some of the silica particles compared to water, it is normal for separation to occur when the liquid has been stationary. It is therefore necessary to shake the bottle before consuming each time.

Does Qsilica contain any animal products?

No, all of our Qsilica products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and therefore contain no animal ingredients.

Does Qsilica assist with hair loss?

Mineral silica, Biotin and Zinc all contribute to the maintenance and support of healthy hair. These ingredients are all present in the Qsilica ONE-A-DAY range, which is recommended for the support of hair loss.

Does Qsilica assist with nail growth and repair?

Mineral silica, Biotin and Zinc all contribute to the maintenance and support of healthy nails. These ingredients are all present in the Qsilica ONE-A-DAY range, which is recommended for the support of nail plate health.

Can all Qsilica products be taken with each other?

We recommend selecting the Qsilica product that most closely suits your needs and therefore combining Qsilica products together should not be necessary.

Does the Qsilica range contain added gluten?

Qsilica products do not contain any added gluten. Gluten-containing ingredients may be present or handled in the same manufacturing facilities and although strict clean-down procedures are adhered to in these GMP facilities, please be aware of this when deciding if Qsilica is right for you.

What is Qsilica’s refund policy?

Qsilica pride ourselves on providing a quality, Australian made product to market.

Qsilica offers a 100% quality guarantee on our products. If the product does not meet our high quality standards, if Qsilica product is compromised, damaged or faulty in some way, Qsilica will gladly replace or refund the product. Please contact Qsilica either via our website or free call 1800 001 055 to speak with a customer representative who can assist further. Product exchanges or refunds are recommended to occur at the place of purchase.

Is Qsilica safe for children?

It is not recommended that Qsilica be taken by children under 12 years of age.

Can Qsilica be taken with chronic medication?

The provider of the medication (doctor or health care professional) is best placed to answer any questions in relation to specific medications, interactions or contraindications.

What is the shelf life of qsilica?

The expiration (Use By) date is sought from the bottom or side of your Qsilica product. It is advised to only take Qsilica products when they are in-date.

Once opened, the Qsilica Oral Liquid should be consumed within 8 weeks of opening.

How should Qsilica products be stored?

Qsilica tablets and capsules should be stored below 25°C.

Qsilica liquid should be stored below 25°C before opened. After opening, it should be stored in the refrigerator at 2-8°C with the cap tightly closed during storage. Liquid should not be frozen. Qsilica liquid should be consumers within 8 weeks of opening.

Do the Qsilica liquids contain flavouring or colouring?

Qsilica ORIGINAL liquid contains no artificial colours or flavours, however it does have a refreshing lemongrass flavour from the inclusion of natural lemongrass essential oil which also helps to preserve the product’s integrity.

Where is Qsilica manufactured?

The Qsilica range of Skin, Hair and Nail supplements are proudly manufactured in Australia under Good Manufacturing Standard (GMP) practices.

Is there any maximum time limit to take Qsilica ONE-A-DAY?

Qsilica ONE-A-DAY is ideal for consumers looking for a higher-dose silica supplement plus the added antioxidant and skin support nutrients and is safe to consume on an on-going basis.

Are the Qsilica original capsules vegan?

Yes, the Qsilica capsules are created using a 2-part vegan capsule that contains colloidal silica powder. These hard capsules are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

How big are the Qsilica ONE-A-DAY tablets?

Qsilica ONE-A-DAY tablets are oval shaped and approximately 22mm long by 10mm wide. Each tablet contains a high quantity of active ingredient so only one-per-day is required. If you have difficulty swallowing tablets, the tablets may be crushed or broken and added to food or a smoothie. Alternatively, you may consider taking another product in the Qsilica range such as the Qsilica ORIGINAL Liquid or Capsules. Text

Which product format is right for me, tablets/capsules or liquid?

Selecting a Qsilica product is often a matter of personal preference. Many people like the ease and convenience of taking a tablet or capsule – these are also ideal for travelling. While liquids may be absorbed a little quicker, the disintegration of tablets or capsules is generally quite fast once the digestive process begins. The liquid can be added to smoothies or a water bottle for consumption throughout the day. Remember to keep the opened bottle of Qsilica Liquid in the refrigerator.


Biokap hair dyes are enriched with Tricorepair complex, what does this contain?

  • Rice proteins with a restructuring and regenerating action
  • Willow extract that protects the hair and helps to prolong colour
  • Fruit lipophilic acids that take care of the scalp during colouring application and make it suitable even for delicate skin.

Which chemicals is Biokap free from?

  • Ammonia
  • Resorcinol
  • Parabens
  • Fragrance
  • PPD (Paraphenylenediamine)

Why is the Biokap range different to other hair colour ranges?

  • It contains vegetable ingredients
  • It contains bio Argan Oil and Tricorepair complex
  • It has a high skin tolerability
  • It is suitable for vegans

    What is the Biokap Delicato Lightening Cream used for?

    To lighten the hair naturally by up to two shades.*

    *It is not recommended on red/dark brown/black hair.

    What guarantees does Biokap offer?

    The BioKap range is proudly nickel tested (nickel < 0.0001%), dermatologically tested, suitable for vegans, and free from PPD (Paraphenylenediamine).

    Can Biokap be used while pregnant or breastfeeding?

    It is not recommended in the first 3 months of pregnancy, thereafter consult your health care professional.

    Can hair coloured with henna have Biokap product added on top or used in conjunction with henna?

    BioKap should not be used with Henna, or on Henna-treated hair. If your hair has Henna, wait at least 1 to 3 months before applying BioKap, and during these months wash your hair as often as possible in order to make sure Henna is completely gone before applying BioKap.

    Can I use Biokap on my hair if i have another brand of product already in (or a hairdresser’s colour)

    We recommend that you do a sensitivity test 48 hrs prior to any BioKap application and that you do a strand test on a hidden lock to make sure the final colour result matches your requirements.

    Can I use Biokap if I am undergoing chemotherapy?

    We recommend that you consult your health care professional.

    Can I use Biokap products on my eyebrows / facial hair / chest / underarms / back?

    No, the product must not be used to dye eyelashes, eyebrows, beards, moustaches, underarms, back. The products are specifically formulated for head hair colouring only.

    Do Biokap hair colours cover grey hair?

    BioKap dyes provide coverage of grey hair from the first application. For best results we recommend the following:

    – with less than 50% grey hair, use a shade similar to your own to maintain your colour

    – with more than 50% grey hair, use a darker shade than your own to achieve your colour.

    What should I do if I get the product in my eye?

    In this case, rinse immediately for a prolonged period with plenty of water.

    How do I get rid of stains on my skin?

    The dye will disappear after a few washes. To prevent stains, however, you can apply the protective cream supplied in the pack, or another oily cream, around the edge of the scalp.

    Can I mix different Biokap shades together?

    If you’re unable to find the perfect colour in the BioKap range, you may mix different colours together, provided that they have the same development time. 

    Any residual hair dye that has been already mixed and is ready for use cannot be stored and used later. It is also essential to perform the patch test 48 hours before each application. This must be done, even if you have already used a colouring product from this or another brand, because individual sensitivity to the dyes may change over time. A preliminary strand test should be carried out to check the final colour. Proceed by mixing varying amounts of the chosen colour tubes in the same bottle of Nutrifix Colour Developer.

    How often should I repeat application of Biokap hair colours?

    It is usually best to wait 5-6 weeks before repeating the application, but times may vary depending on the speed of hair growth.

    How long does the Biokap range take to develop when applied to the hair?

    Delicato range: For correct application, the development time is a total of 35 minutes. It is recommended to apply the dye on any regrowth, leaving it on for approximately 20 minutes, and then distribute it along the length of the hair, leaving it on for another 15 minutes. In case there is no regrowth, apply the dye on the whole length and leave it on for 35 minutes.

    RAPID range: 10 to 15 minutes.

    View Tutorial 

    How should lightening cream be used?

    The Lightening Cream should be applied in the same way as the BioKap Nutricolor Dye, with some small changes:

    – to lighten hair by 1-2 shades: apply over the entire length of the hair, leaving it on for 30/40 minutes;

    – for highlights: apply to small sections using the special applicator, wrap in aluminium foil and leave on for 30 minutes.

    Some guidelines: if your natural colour is

    – dark blonde, your hair will turn light blonde

    – brown, your hair will turn light brown

    – red, be careful as the colour could become orangey

    – dark brown/black, application is not recommended.

    How do I get my natural hair colour back?

    If the chosen colour is one or two shades lighter than your natural colour, you can lighten your hair using BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Lightening Cream*. If the chosen colour is one or two shades darker, you can apply a darker shade of dye. Before doing any of this, it is advisable to wait 4-5 weeks from the first dye. If the chosen colour is much lighter or much darker, it is advisable to contact your hairdresser.

    *Do not use it to lighten dark brown/black hair

    Is it necessary to perform a sensitivity test before each use?

    Yes, it is. Each dye is different and because there may be allergies to even the most innocuous products such as certain foods (nuts, tomatoes etc.), it is essential to perform the patch test 48 hours before each application. This must be done, even if you have already used a colouring product from this or another brand, because individual sensitivity to the dyes may change over time.

    How do I perform the skin sensitivity test?

    Mix a small amount of BioKap Nutricolor Colouring Cream with an equal amount of Nutrifix Colour Developer lotion. As a container you can use a lid, a paper cup or a coffee cup.

    Using a cotton bud, apply a small amount of the product behind the ear or in the crook of the elbow, enough to cover an area equal in size to about 1 cm square.

    Repeat this two or three times, letting it dry in between. Close the colouring cream tube and the Nutrifix lotion bottle carefully, then wait 48 hours without washing, covering or touching the area.

    If itching, redness or other skin abnormalities occur during this period, do not use the product and consult a dermatologist before using any other colouring product.

    The skin sensitivity test is a sensible precaution that can reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of an allergic reaction, even in the event of a negative result. If, after this period, no itching, redness or swelling is evident, apply the BioKap Nutricolor Dye product.

    Click the below link to watch a video of how to perform a skin sensitivity test:

    View Tutorial

    How long after performing skin sensitivity test do I have to apply the full colour?

    The skin sensitivity test uses only a small amount of the product, and is recommended to be done at least 48 hours before actual hair dye application.

    Are there situations where it is not recommended to use hair colouring products?

    Hair colouring products must not be used if the user:

    – has had a previous reaction to dyes;

    – has a sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp or rashes on the face;

    – has had a reaction to a temporary black henna tattoo.

    In addition, these products are not intended to be used on persons under the age of 16.

    I am allergic to nickel, can I use Biokap hair colours?

    All products in the BioKap Nutricolor range are “Nickel Tested” as shown on each pack.

    The finished products of all production batches are subjected to analysis, which has always shown a maximum amount of nickel far below the safe limit of 1 ppm 0.0001%), below which clinical trials have never shown an allergic reaction to this mineral. Regardless, it is necessary to perform a patch test 48 hours before using the product.


    What should I do in the event of an allergic reaction while applying Biokap hair colour?

    In case of an allergic reaction during application, as for instance intense itching, skin burning or skin rash, immediately stop using the product and immediately rinse with warm water. In this case, before applying a new dye, consult a Dermatologist.

    Does Biokap contain palm oil?

    Yes – derivative ingredients are palmitic and stearic acid. Sustainably sourced & RSPO certified #BMT-RSPO-000099.

    Watson & Son

    Is your honey raw?

    Our honey is raw as it has not been heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit/47.7 degrees Celsius and has not been fully pasteurized.

    Is your honey heated?

    Our Manuka Honey is heated only enough to be able to pour the honey into jars, but not past 118 degrees Fahrenheit, as naturally Manuka honey is very thick in consistency. However, this does not affect its properties in anyway.

    Is your honey Gluten Free?

    While our honey naturally contains no gluten, as we do not test for the gluten content, we cannot say that it is 100% gluten free as traces of gluten may be present at any given time in our products.

    Is your honey organic?

    The simple answer is no – organic products must meet very specific criteria in New Zealand and because we sell our products both in New Zealand and overseas, we currently do not meet the criteria to label our products as organic.

    Why is Manuka Honey so expensive?

    Manuka flowers only produce nectar for 3-4 weeks each year and the success of the harvest is largely weather dependent. This means that higher grades of Manuka honey are scarce but high prized and in demand. Additionally, Manuka trees mostly grow in New Zealand’s most remote locations which makes it a challenging environment for us to access our hives.

    Is your honey Dairy and Soy free?

    Naturally our honey contains no dairy or soy. However, because we don’t test for these specific things in our product there is always the possibility that our products may contain traces of either at any given time.

    How long does Honey keep for?

    Scientists found honey in the Egyptian pyramids that was over 3000 years old and still perfectly edible, so honey does not spoil. All honey will crystallize as it ages but this does not affect its properties in any way. The shelf life for Manuka honey is based on the MGO/MGS grading claim on the label. A best before date is set to ensure that the honey complies with the label claim during its advisable shelf life duration.

    What are the benefits of Manuka Honey?

    Honey can be used in many ways; as an antibacterial product, on toast, in cooking as a sugar substitute or drizzled over porridge. It is often used in hot drinks such as tea and is great for a natural boost or to sooth a sore throat.

    Oha Honey respects the New Zealand advertising rules about overstating the health benefits of Manuka Honey.

    Why Manuka Honey over other types of honey?

    All honeys exhibit antibacterial properties. The antibacterial characteristic of honey is attributed to the presence of hydrogen peroxide – a by-product of glucose breakdown by glucose oxidase, an enzyme that is naturally present in all honey. Hydrogen peroxide is light sensitive and breaks down rapidly when exposed to light or heat.

    Unlike other types of honey, Manuka honey is special as it was discovered that after the hydrogen peroxide is neutralized, it continues to exhibit antibacterial properties. This was referred to as non-peroxide activity (NPA), which later was attributed to the presence on Methylglyoxal (MGO).

    MGO is an organically occurring compound found in Manuka Honey. MGO originates from the compound dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is present in the nectar of Manuka flowers to varying degrees. DHA is naturally converted to MGO during the production of honey in the high, and in freshly extract Manuka.

    While most honey contains small amounts of MGO, Manuka Honey contains much higher levels.

    Australian Bush Flower Essences

    What are Flower Essences?

    Flower Essences are not therapeutic drugs - but work on the mind, body and spirit and are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the most evolved part of the plant - the flowers. They work on an emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns, held in the subconscious mind.

    How are they prepared?

    Flower Essences are prepared by imprinting a flower's unique vibrational healing signature onto a carrier solution of brandy and water. This is achieved by working with flowers, under ideal conditions, that are growing in the wild in an environment free from pollution, roads and power lines. These flowers are collected and without being touched directly by the individual, placed in a bowl of pure water and left in direct sun for several hours. The flowers are then removed from the bowl, using a twig or a leaf from the same plant. The remaining flower water is then added to an equal amount of Australian brandy and this mixture is referred to as the Mother tincture. The latter is further diluted to produce the stock concentration which in turn is also diluted in order to prepare the dosage strength.

    How do Flower Essences work?

    The concept of healing that was shared from such great healers as Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Hahnemann, Bach and Steiner was a simple one. They all believed that good health was a result of emotional, spiritual and mental harmony and found that when they treated their patients' emotional imbalances, their diseases were cured.

    Disease (dis-ease, that is not at ease with oneself) itself is a physical manifestation of emotional imbalances, put quite simply where the emotions go the mind and body follow. Yet disease is not something to be feared or overly worried about, rather, it can be seen as an indication that something in a person's life is out of balance. Consequently, a disease or illness can be seen in quite a positive light, for it can point the person back towards the right path. Each person has a specific life plan or purpose and, once in tune with this and following it, the person's life flows much more easily and successfully. It is our intuition or 'gut feeling' which helps to keep us aligned to our life purpose.

    The Bush Essences give us the sensitivity, strength and courage to listen to and follow both our intuition as well as our goals and dreams.

    The Australian Bush Flower Essences also bring forth the positive qualities that reside deep inside every one of us. Their activation allows us to replace fear with courage, hatred with love, insecurity with self confidence, etc.

    Bach himself stated it quite wonderfully when he said that the functions of Flower Essences are:
    To raise our vibrations and to flood our natures with the particular virtues and to wash out from us the faults which were causing them. They are able like beautiful music or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures and bring us nearer to ourselves and by that very act to bring us peace and relieve our suffering. They cure not by attacking disease but by flooding our bodies with beautiful vibrations of our higher nature in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine

    Richard Gerber MD, in his excellent book Vibrational Medicine, provides a more scientific and physiological description of how the Flower Essences work. When an Essence is ingested or absorbed through the skin, it is initially assimilated into the blood stream. Then it settles midway between the circulatory and nervous systems. There, an electromagnetic current is created by the polarity of the two systems. The Essence then moves directly to the meridians, which are vital mechanisms of interface between the subtle bodies and the physical body. From the meridians the Flower Essence is amplified out to the chakras and various subtle bodies and then back again to the physical body. The amplification also magnifies the life force potency of the Essence and aids in its assimilation. The Essence reaches the imbalanced parts of the body faster and in a more stable form. The quarts-like crystalline silica structures in the physical body, such as those in the blood stream, the hair and nails, amplify and transmit the healing energies of the Flower Essences to their appropriate sights of action, and at the correct frequencies. This whole process is similar to the way radio waves strike a crystal in a radio so that the crystal resonates with the higher frequencies, absorbing them and transforming them into audio frequencies which can be heard by the human ear.

    How long have Flower Essences been used?

    For thousands of years Australian Aborigines have used flowers to heal emotional imbalances and physical injuries. Flower Essences were also used in Ancient Egypt, as well as India, Asia, Europe and South America. This system of healing was rediscovered and popularised seventy years ago by Dr. Edward Bach with his use of English flowering plants. Naturopath, Ian White, a 5th generation Australian herbalist, has further developed this method using plants from all over Australia. Ian grew up in the bush and was taught from an early age the healing power of Australian plants. He has spent many years travelling Australia researching and developing a range of 65 specific Bush Essences.

    What makes Australian Bush Flower Essences unique?

    Australia, as well as being the first continent, has both the world's oldest and highest number of flowering plants, displaying striking colour, tremendous beauty and powerful ancient forms. It is one of the most unpolluted countries and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy. The Australian Bush Flower Essences tap into this power, strength and vitality and for this reason the remedies are unique, fast acting and are successfully used worldwide.

    Are Australian Bush Flower Essences safe to take?

    Flower Essences are completely natural. They are perfectly safe, free from side effects and are self adjusting to the needs of the individual taking them. Occasionally the symptoms for which the person is taking the remedy can become more intense for a day or two. This is part of the healing process and in fact is called a 'healing crisis.' It is not a bad sign as it is indicative of the healing that will soon follow. In a 'healing crisis' we would recommend that an individual either stop the remedy for a day or two or alternatively take the remedy more frequently – four or five times a day. Brandy is added to the Bush Essences as a preservative agent although the alcohol content in a dose is almost infinitesimal.

    Is there an alternative to brandy?

    If you would prefer to not have brandy in your essences, they can be made with just purified water. However, if you are using purified water, it would be best to keep the bottle in a cool place or in the refrigerator and the shelf life would only be two weeks whereas with brandy the shelf life would be at least three years.

    What's the difference between Flower Essences, Herbal Remedies, Homoeopathy and Essential Oils?

    As explained above Flower Essences are produced by imprinting a flower's unique vibrational healing signature onto the carrier solution and are used to treat imbalances at a higher level, bringing about balance and well being in the whole person. Homoeopathics are prepared in a somewhat similar way to Flower Essences using animal, mineral and herbal bases imprinted upon the solution at varied dilution ratios and are generally recommended for a specific ailment. Homoeopathics are not self adjusting or without side effects and can result in severe aggravations. Also Homoeopathic remedies are easily antedoted by contact with aromatic substances such as perfume, strong mint flavoured toothpaste, garlic, coffee or Essential Oils. According to Gurudas, the author of the book Flower Essences, of the three major forms of vibrational remedies – Flower Essences, Homoeopathic remedies and Gem Elixirs – Flower Essences are the best and most effective modality to reach and treat the subtle-energy bodies, along with the meridians and physical body. He states that Homoeopathic remedies generally operate on the biomagnetic fields of the body. Some of them can affect the chakras and subtle bodies, but not as effectively as Flower Essences. Gem elixirs act similarly to Flower Essences but not to the same degree, as they do not have the same potency of life force.
    Herbal extracts and tinctures are derived after macerating parts of plants and trees i.e. root, bark, leaves in alcohol for a period of time before straining and bottling. Herbal remedies are once again generally recommended for a specific ailment and only work on the physical body, they are far cruder in nature and their chemical constituents can be analysed and measured.
    Essential Oils are extracted from the flowers, bark, sap and leaves of plants and are aromatic /scented residues that work via the olfactory sense. Flower Essences can be effectively used in conjunction with all of these other modalities.

    How do Australian Bush Flower Essences compare in effectiveness with other Flower Essences?

    We have a high regard for all professionally prepared Flower Essences. Australian Bush Flower Essences started within a natural health clinic and became the choice of practitioners worldwide because of their diverse range and efficacious results within a clinical environment. There are a number of unique points associated with our essences, firstly, Australia being the first continent has some of the oldest species in the world and has the highest number of flowering species - a wonderfully rich biodiversity in natural healing qualities. Secondly, Australian Bush Flower Essences address many contemporary health issues such as communication, learning difficulties, spirituality, radiation, electromagnetic radiation, space clearing and sexuality not addressed by our peers. Also the Bush Essences have a reputation worldwide for being incredibly quick acting and having a profound effect on the physical body. Australian Bush Flower Essences were the first to introduce combination essences, creams and mists with product names that clearly identify the health issue. This feature makes it easy for retailers to recommend and consumers to self select the right essence. This initiative has significantly increased consumer usage of Flower Essences and grown retail sales, making Flower Essences one of the highest growth retail categories in natural health retailing today.

    What is the difference between stock and dose?

    "Stock" is the form generally purchased by practitioners. The stock (or concentrate) is then further diluted down to a dosage bottle, the form in which it is then taken under the tongue, morning and night by the individual.

    How do you prepare a dose bottle?

    Seven drops of stock are added to a bottle up to 30 millilitres (or 1 ounce) in size, that is filled with a mixture of two thirds (2/3) purified water and one third (1/3) brandy. This is called a "dose" bottle and the recommended dose is seven drops under the tongue on rising and retiring for two to four weeks. Several essences can be combined in the one bottle but it is generally suggested that the number of Essences combined be limited to a maximum of four or five.

    How do I choose an Essence?

    There are many ways in which you can choose an essence. You could simply read through the information on each of the individual essences and decide which ones are most appropriate. However, this can overwhelm some people and they could feel that they need them all! To drastically narrow down the number of essences that you are considering ask yourself the following questions – what do I most want in my life? or what is the major issue that I am working through at the moment? Then simply choose the appropriate Bush Essences. Alternatively you could look through the Flower Insight Cards and choose those which most appeal to you (limiting them to no more than 3) and also include any card that you have an aversion to. Invariably you will choose Essences that will address your most pertinent issues. These Essences can then be mixed together in a dosage bottle. Other less commonly used methods to determine the choice of a remedy include: Dowsing, Kinesiology, Numerology, Using your Intuition, or Working with a Flower Essence practitioner.

    Can I take Australian Bush Flower Essences when I am currently using other medication?

    Absolutely. The Australian Bush Flower Essences can be taken whilst under treatment with natural and/or pharmaceutical medications with no negative effects whatsoever. There is no healing modality that is compromised by combining it with the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

    What if I selected and took the wrong Bush Flower Essence?

    The subtle energies of the essences will address current and presenting issues only so there is no danger of taking the wrong essence. The remedies are self adjusting and without side effects. If you did not need the benefit of the remedy then nothing would happen, it simply would not work.

    Can I use Australian Bush Flower Essences with children?

    Australian Bush Flower Essences are an effective drug free solution for adults, children and even your pets. In fact they work extremely quickly on children and animals as they do not have as many emotional blocks as adults generally do. We recommend the same dose for children as adults and animals as well, i.e. 7 drops on rising and retiring.

    When would I expect to notice results?

    As we are all unique individuals it is difficult to predict how long it will take before you notice results. Normally however, we would recommend taking a remedy for two weeks when addressing an emotional issue and four weeks when addressing physical imbalances. If at the end of this time the desired result has not been achieved then we would suggest that you repeat the remedy for a similar length of time. Flower Essences, can at times, be very subtle and gentle as they work towards creating emotional and spiritual harmony and the changes can occur so easily and effortlessly that we are not aware of the healing shifts until sometime later. Then at other times, the changes are profound and instantaneous.

    Can I take more than one Essence at a time?

    It is far more effective to focus on just one issue and one dosage bottle, at a time; otherwise the results can be very scattered as they have no main focus to address. You can, however, use a remedy for example Emergency Essence in a one off acute situation whilst still taking another remedy over the standard two or four week period.
    There is absolutely no detriment in using the mists and creams while also taking a Bush Essence dosage drops orally.

    Will food, drink or toothpaste harm the Essences?

    The Australian Bush Flower Essences are not antedoted by strong aromatic substances such as toothpaste, coffee, garlic or Essential Oils. However, it is best advised to wait a few minutes before or after taking the remedy before eating or drinking anything (except water) as well as cleaning your teeth.

    I suffer from hayfever so could I possibly have an allergic reaction to the Bush Essences?

    When Ian makes the Bush Essences, he leaves the flowers in the water long enough for the life force energy of the flowers to combine with the water. He then removes the flowers from the bowl so that no physical properties of the flowers remain in the flower water. This flower water is then further diluted down several times until the dose essence is achieved. The dose bottles have been analysed by chemical laboratories to determine how much physical matter of the flower is present. The results show that there is only an infinitesimal amount of the flower remaining – one part in a hundred thousand, which is far too small to cause any physical reaction.

    Are they organic, or certified pesticide free?

    All of the species used in the formulation of our essences are ecologically gathered in unpolluted and naturally occurring regions of the vast Australian landscape. The making of some of our mother stock literally requires travelling thousands of miles into some of the most inaccessible regions of the outback. All of the species grow uninterrupted in natural, unpolluted, pristine environments that are pesticide free.

    Absolute Essential

    What sets Absolute Essential apart from other essential oil suppliers?

    Absolute Essential is the only certified organic and vegan company that sources sustainable, therapeutic-grade plant oils from artisan producers, worldwide.

    What do you mean when you say Absolute Essential is a sustainable business?

    Solid environmental strategies are a focus for all levels of our business, and we make community and economic choices to include everybody’s future health. The Natural Products New Zealand organisation has awarded us three times with their Sustainability Award, plus an inaugural Supreme Business Award for exemplary sustainable practice.

    What is an essential oil?

    An essential oil is the liquid that is extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, bark or seeds of a plant. Typically it’s obtained by distillation and features the characteristic therapeutic odour of the plant (or other source) from which it has been extracted.

    What is a carrier oil?

    A carrier oil is a plant oil press-extracted from the plant parts with higher fat content, often the kernels, seeds or nuts. Because of the concentrated nature of essential oils these carrier oils are used for dilution and 'carry' the desired essential oil properties safely into the skin. Carrier oils bring their own therapeutic benefits and which you choose may depend on your needs, as well as the essential oils you are planning to use. Generally speaking, carriers have a subtle aroma that does not interfere with essential oil therapy.

    While some carriers have a high vitamin E content that makes for a longer shelf-life, they can go rancid over time (around 18 months) and keep better at low temperatures (store in fridge when not in use). Although heat processing is common because it produces greater quantities of oil, the nutrient value of the oil can be seriously affected. For therapeutic purposes only buy cold-pressed or expeller-pressed virgin oils. Extra virgin and virgin oils offer the true quality first extractions. Beware. Unless clearly stated, any oils that are not virgin may involve solvents to extract further oil from the pulp, and this very impure process is sometimes even referred to as "cold pressed" (because no heat is involved) to allude to authentic organic process.

    What exactly is an essential oil Pure Blend?

    Absolute Essential Pure Blends are undiluted blends of pure essential oils based on prescriptions at our Natural Health Clinics, supported with 30 years of safe, professional knowledge. Single essential oil uses apply (diffusion, sometimes bath and inhalation, and diluted for skin) but through synergy they offer higher healing potential and efficiency.

    What is aromatherapy and how does it work?

    Authentic aromatherapy is the application of 100% pure essential oils and complementary plant extracts to enhance healthy body process. The essential oil molecules interact with receptors in the body - most importantly those connected to the endocrine and nervous systems, which together regulate almost all physiological processes. The quality of the essential oils is key to promoting a positive therapeutic response.

    What is the difference between aromatherapy and Therapeutic Plant Oils?

    Therapeutic Plant Oils (TPOs) are used in the practice of quality aromatherapy. The term TPO represents an important shift in standards that separates us from the loose term that aromatherapy has become, being used too broadly without any standard measures of quality or content. Even synthetic, mass-produced products can be found brandishing the word aromatherapy to cash in on an association with natural ingredients. So, if you see the word aromatherapy or even essential oils on a product it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as AE Therapeutic Plant oils that are 100% pure, made from integral organic processes.

    The way a therapeutic oil is grown, harvested, processed and handled ensures that the medicinal value of the final essence retains the original living plant's molecular efficiency. Unlike the faster, expanding influence of high heat methods used for mass production, minimal heat and slow extraction methods for therapeutic grade oils keep the molecules small which allows them to be transported and to travel deep into body systems unhindered.

    How do I use my essential oils?

    DIFFUSION is the method of warming your essential oils to allow the natural release of therapeutic vapors into the surrounding air. The instructions will vary depending on the method of diffusion you use (ultrasonic or reed). Use to 10 drops of essential oil in water replenished hourly for our ceramic ultrasonic aroma diffuser – or simply empty a bottle of our essential oil into the bottom of your ceramic reed diffuser, let it soak up through the reeds and it will last around 4-6 weeks (turn the reeds occasionally). INHALATION AND STEAM INHALATION are very straightforward practices. 2-6 drops on a tissue held close to the nose for inhalation (start with 1 drop for caution to sensitivity).

    Or 2-5 drops to two cups of bowling water and lean over to inhale the vapors. (Again a note of caution to sensitivity, use a smaller amount for first time use). Inhalation is particularly beneficial for upper respiratory conditions such as sinusitis or hay fever. MASSAGE THERAPY is a great way to get the best out of your essential oils. Invest in a quality carrier oil such as organic Avocado oil and blend 1 drop to 1ml of carrier for direct body application. You can either add a single essential oil - Lavender alone will give you a blend for relaxation, aches and pains, and respiratory support - or utilise one of our many professional Pure Blends such as Muscle Tonic or Stress Less.

    As you become more proficient with your own oils, you will be able to create bespoke massage blends to suit your individual therapeutic needs. BATH creates a lovely sense of ritual and relaxation for essential oil therapy. Add 6-10 drops of essential oil/s or Pure Blend to a half cup of milk/soya milk, (add if you like 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt), mix well into bath water. This preparatory blending offers a cautionary measure against sensitivity, assists the absorption of essential oils into your body, and improves oil dispersion in water. Always read the specific directions for your chosen essential oil, and be aware that 15 minutes is the maximum recommended soaking time, before released toxins begin to be reabsorbed by the body.

    How should I store my essential oils and blends?

    You can considerably extend the life of your essential oils if you keep them in the fridge or a cool, dark place. In general you will maintain their continuous quality by keeping them in the box supplied, with lids closed well and away from direct sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. Essential oils are flammable substances and should be kept in a safe place, away from children.

    How can I be sure that the essential oils I use are safe?

    Buy from a reputable source and follow professional directions for safe application.

    Can I use an essential oil neat on my skin?

    As a general rule it’s better to dilute 5-10 drops of essential oil to a 1⁄4 teaspoon of carrier oil. A few, like Manuka or Lavender, are fine for most people in small amounts, but most require dilution. Always defer to cautious use, and follow directions. Our Mother & Child marked essential oils and pure blends are safe for most adults to use on pulse points and therapeutically.

    Are there any instances when essential oils would be dangerous to use?

    Some essential oils have properties that are considered dangerous for certain conditions. Pregnancy, asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure... if you have a condition to consider, always consult a healthcare professional.

    Is it unsafe to take essential oils internally?

    We cannot officially recommend that you take any essential oil internally, unless you have been to see a qualified practitioner who has given you clear directions for safe usage and correct dilution/dosage. You should always check that any essential oil you wish to take internally is organically certified, and of the highest medicinal grade. (If an oil is ingested by accident, drink fatty milk and seek advice, do not drink water or induce vomiting.)

    Is special care needed when using essential oils during pregnancy, on babies and on children?

    Yes it is. But all Absolute Essential products that are safe for use during pregnancy and with babies and children are easy to identify as they carry the Mother & Child symbol. We recommend that you keep scent around babies simple and gentle, provided no specific conditions exist. You could try Rose, Lavender Sweet and Chamomile Roman, as they are beautifully soft, soothing and nurturing. Dosage guide: Pregnancy: use 1/2 the recommended dosage on our Mother & Child-safe products. Babies: use 1/8 to 1/4 the recommended dosage on our Mother & Child-safe products. Children: use 1/2 the recommended dosage on our Mother & Child-safe products.

    Please note: There are definitely some oils that should be avoided during pregnancy. Information on which ones does vary depending on your source. At Absolute Essential we have managed a specialist health clinic that includes a maternity and young families focus for over 15 years. Safety is a top priority and all our blends are very carefully researched. If you are pregnant we suggest that you use our Mother & Child web directory to see which essential oils are recommended and beneficial to you. All the products in that section contain guidelines for very safe usage. At Absolute Essential all products that are safe for pregnancy and maternity carry the Mother & Child symbol. If the symbol is on a product that is not specifically in the M&C range the recommendation is a half dose or less.

    At what age can I start using your baby care products?

    You can start the products from around 3 weeks. Our recommendation is to dilute them by 50% with a pure quality carrier oil until around three months. This is for extra safety and because the newborn system is much more receptive and really only requires a tiny amount.

    At what age can I start to use essential oils on my children?

    On our website all essential oils that are mild enough for use during pregnancy and on children carry the Mother & Child symbol. We recommend a half dose for children from 3yr upwards. For younger children we suggest ¼ the amount. As babies are very sensitive to everything, the only essential oils which we recommend are pure Rose, Lavender & Chamomile Roman. In general it is safer and simpler to use ready-made baby blends from a source that you trust.