Planet Health Supporting Planet Ark

Happy National Recycling Week from the team at Planet Health. We're always proud to support Planet Ark with their National Recycling Week initiative which was established 25 years ago (that's 25 years of devotion to better planet health). At Planet Health, we use 100% recyclable packaging with VITUS (including a unique 100% home compostable pouch), 100% recyclable cartons for Qsilica, as well as  other recyclable sustainable practices. We don't use plastics and ensure recyclable materials are used from start to finish with everything we do. We're also a voluntary member of the Australian Packaging Covenant since 2009, supporting smarter packaging, less waste and a cleaner environment. Even the protective filler we use to pack our orders is 100% plant-based and dissolves in water. We appreciate that the planet is our home, so let's make it a good one by avoiding plastics, donating items where possible, conserving water, not littering and always checking the backs of labels to see if your favorite brands are doing the right thing by the planet. This week in particular you can get involved at home, at work, at school or through councils and committees. Continue to make the planet a good one by supporting reduction in landfill wastes, aiding conservation of natural resources, saving energy and so much more. Thank you for playing your part in the planet.