The Collagen Elephant In The Room

Knowledge is power, as is beauty and so is choice.

With the rise of enticing packaging, celebrity endorsements, collagen bars and collagen-stocked supermarket shelves lies a big collagen elephant in the room. Most collagen products are made of the hair, skin and ground down bones of animals (eek!).

Qsilica's Pro Collagen receives the kind of glowing reviews that glow from the inside out. It's the kind kind. We're kind to animals, kind to the environment and kind to your body's natural needs.

Knowing that the human body produces its own collagen naturally, we empower you with a unique Ceramosides + Antioxidant formula which enhances the natural collagen process. It strengthens it. It’s sustainable and it's real.

Our Pro Collagen once-daily treatment supports skin, hair and nail health. It also supports bone integrity, collagen production, has antioxidant benefits, supports skin hydration and texture and assists connective tissue production. Better yet, it lets you love the skin you're in you and keeps animals in the skin they're in. Power to that (beauty!), and power to that (choice!).

We hope we've empowered you with a little knowledge when it comes to your collagen choices. There's an inner power when beauty glows from the inside-out. It's all-knowing, all-natural and all-real. When you know better, you feel better.

Make a choice. Beauty is a choice.

Celebrating Veganuary with love.