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VITUS® Pure Plant Sourced IRON+C is a great tasting, vegan-friendly, wholefood powder blend containing ingredients specially selected for their naturally high levels of iron and vitamin C.

Utilising a plant-based, non-haem form of iron, sourced exclusively from organic curry leaves. This natural form of iron is gentle on the stomach and boosts antioxidant activity for overall health benefits. The use of the acerola berry and camu camu combine to provide a rich source of vitamin C.

The formula is complemented by beetroot for its rich colour and nutritional contribution to antioxidants, iron, vitamin C, folate, manganese and nitrates. 

VITUS® IRON+C offers a bioavailable, plant-based source of iron that provides 100% of your daily recommended intake of iron per serve. Acerola berry and camu camu are naturally rich in vitamin C and help to optimise the absorption of iron in the body.

Choose VITUS® Pure Plant Sourced IRON+C for:

  • A wholefood, vegan-friendly source of iron
  • Natural formula that is gentle on the digestive system
  • 100% of your daily recommended intake of iron
  • Great tasting powder

Additional Information

Beta vulgaris (Beetroot) powder, Flaxseed flour*, Orgen-I® (Curry leaf extract)*, Cranberry fruit powder, Acerola berry powder, Natural cranberry flavour, Camu camu powder, Rice fibre (NuFlow)* * Organic sources

Take 4g (one teaspoon) stirred into liquid or added to food. Avoid heating.