VITUS Energy Bundle

$99.95 $129.85

WAS $129.85, NOW $99.95!

The VITUS Energy Bundle is here to kick you into gear, with a product to cover each of your energy needs - strength, stamina & recovery. 

This bundle includes:

  • Vegan Protein 500g Powder
  • Spirulina 225g Powder
  • Magnesium 120g Powder

VITUS® VEGAN PROTEIN is unsweetened, unflavoured and uncomplicated. It’s a neutral-tasting protein that provides an ideal base for smoothies and recipes to your own tasting. VITUS® VEGAN PROTEIN expertly blends multiple plant-based wholefoods to create a complete protein that contains all amino acids, key nutrients (iron, manganese, zinc) and over 20g of protein per serve.

VITUS® PURE DESERT GROWN SPIRULINA’s nutrient profile and quality is like no other. It provides a natural source of bioavailable iron, contains over 65% easily digestible protein, along with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids (such as GLA, phytonutrients and antioxidants) for nutrition, energy and immunity.

VITUS® MAGNESIUM is sustainably sourced from the pristine ocean waters of Ireland. This all-natural formula will support your nervous system’s rest response, provide muscle relaxation, assist with restful sleep and so much more.

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