Australian Bush Flower

Toddler Tamer Oral Spray 30ml


Purpose: Tame your little one with a soothing remedy that provides balance, support and harmony in preparation for a potentially brewing tantrum. This provides toddlers with peace and balance whilst addressing their frustrations, unspoken needs, stubborn streaks and all the joys of toddler-ness!

Use: 3 sprays on the tongue, morning and night.

Ingredients: Black-eyed Susan, Bottlebrush, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Isopogon, Mountain Devil, and Red Helmet Orchid.

Formulation: Vibrational infusions of the above flowers, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system.

Note:  For optimal shelf life we a small amount of brandy is used as a preservative. There is less than one drop of alcohol per dose. For anyone not wishing a child to ingest alcohol, use the Essence Drops, 7 drops can be applied topically to the crown of the head or wrist pulse points or diluted in water. Alternatively, place drops into hot water (the temperature at which you would drink a cup of tea) which will evaporate the alcohol.

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