Australian Bush Flower

Remedy Affirmation Cards

Introducing the new Remedy Essence Affirmation Cards - the perfect tool to uplift and transform your mind, body and soul. Get ready to ignite motivation, clarity and desired outcomes with our exclusive collection of 29 inspiring cards.

Affirmations are positive statements which help to program the subconscious mind for particular goals or positive outcomes. They also help to break negative mind chatter, replacing it instead with positive self-talk. They are very easy to use.

The new Remedy Essence Affirmation Cards contain an affirmation card for and photo of a key Bush Essence in each of our Combination Remedies. This includes the six Remedies from the Parenting and Childcare range as well as ones for the Space Clearing and Sensuality Mists.

The Bush Essences gently work on the emotional and spiritual layers of our health, providing support on a deeper level and are a catalyst for transformation.

These affirmations work well if used at the same time as taking the corresponding Bush Essence Remedy.

Repeat each affirmation out aloud, with focus, five to ten times. 

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