Complete Collagen Bundle

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PRO COLLAGEN 60's + 'NEW' VEGAN COLLAGEN 60's $59.95, SAVE $59.95


PRO COLLAGEN 60's + 'NEW' VEGAN COLLAGEN 180g Powder $59.95, SAVE $69.95

Revolutionize your skincare routine with our Complete Collagen Bundle, featuring the best in vegan collagen support: Qsilica Vegan Collagen and Pro Collagen. This powerful duo is designed to both boost your body's natural collagen production and supplement this with real vegan collagen that mimics the amino acid profile of human type 1 collagen.

Qsilica Vegan Collagen is a complex of amino acids in the same proportion as those found within animal sourced collagen. In a water dispersible format, the amino acids are already isolated and ready for the body to easily absorb. It's key ingredient Vollagen® is clinically trialled and shown to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, hydrate skin, reduce breakouts and blemishes plus much more. 

Qsilica's Pro Collagen formula contains a unique patented natural wheat seed extract known as Ceramosides™It also includes Colloidal Mineral Silica, Acerola Berry and Vitamin C. Vitamin C and Mineral Silica maintain skin health and support collagen formulation, naturally. It’s kind, it’s real, it’s natural.

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