We did say that “There are so many sides to The Spirulina Story”, so here’s another story.

Our team of product experts put VITUS PURE DESERT GROWN SPIRULINA to the test. And by that we don’t mean that it had to go to school and sit tests, but it did go through an examination of quality and purity in comparison to other products on the market.

Aside from knowing all the industry secrets as to what actually makes a good quality Spirulina, we tested ours mainly for its colour. The colour of Spirulina reflects its nutritional density, purity and quality.

The results were amazing.

BRAND A+ (VITUS of course – an A+ student!) is clean and green… an Earthy green in fact! We already knew that, but it was A+amazing to see it next to other products. Brand B to our disliking was a black green. Would you want a blackish green in your body (aka fertilizer)? We don’t. Brand C was kind of green…but we found specks of white….not cool (what is the white?). Brand D was a light green, but maybe too light a green. We like it a rich and clean and green here at VITUS!

It’s not all about looks either. The texture spoke for itself too. During testing we noticed that VITUS PURE DESERT GROWN SPIRULINA is silky, smooth and soft (just the way our bodies are designed to like/absorb) it. It’s neither clumpy (Brand C), nor too powdery or sticky (Brand B), or lifeless (Brand D). VITUS PURE DESERT GROWN SPIRULINA is a perfectly balanced ratio of depth, texture and quality. We know, we know – of course VITUS is the best!

We also don’t meant to create a ‘green with envy’ feeling amidst our fellow Spirulina friends/pupils/products on the market, but we absolutely do want to showcase an A+ brand so you can enjoy an A+ product.

With a clean and green sign off,