There’s more that meets the Vitamin C eye when it comes to immunity.

It’s the Vitamin D-factor!

Lucky for VITUS® IMMUNE-D, you get both… plus more!

VITUS® IMMUNE-D is a 1000%+ boost formula that provides 100% recommended dietary intake (RDI) of Vitamin D and 946% RDI of Vitamin C, in addition to key immune-supporting Vitamins A and B12. What’s best, it’s a natural Vitamin D, not synthetic.

This unique vegan formulation contains ancient immune-strengthening turmeric, spirulina, acerola berry and kakadu plum – some of the world’s richest sources of immune-boosting nutrients.

Turmeric dates back 4,000 years to the Vedic culture in India, Spirulina has been around for 3.5 Billion years and was first used by the Aztecs, and Kakadu Plum is considered a Dreamtime gift by the Aboriginal culture who have been using it for thousands of years.

So go on and get on the IMMUNE-D-journey with us. The time we put into this amazing formulation is timeless, because we know that the price you pay for immunity is priceless.

VITUS® IMMUNE-D tastes great, looks great, and is great!