Enjoy a nutritious and delicious Christmas in July with VITUS.

Planet Health, the proud owner of VITUS, is celebrating Christmas in July the Highlands way – WINTRY and WONDROUS.

We have been based in the heart of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales since 2000, a beautiful area, popularly known to host Christmas in July due to its cold but cosy winters with occasional snow. Christmas cheer is most definitely in the air and we're sharing a delicious recipe that’ll be the perfect addition to your Christmas in July dinner party; our VITUS VEGAN CHRISTMAS PUDDING.



  • 4 teaspoons VITUS IRON + C

  • ½ teaspoon all spice

  • 100g plain flour

  • 100g breadcrumbs

  • 170g coconut sugar

  • 1 large apple (grated)

  • 175g raisins

  • 175g sultanas

  • 375g dried figs

  • 75ml rum

  • 125g vegan butter

  • 30ml coconut oil


  • Grease a 2 litre Bundt tin with vegan butter

  • Grease a large sheet of baking parchment and place it on top of a large sheet of foil, greased side up.

  • Roughly chop a third of the dried figs and set aside.

  • Add the remainder of the dried figs to a blender along with the butter, rum, coconut oil, VITUS IRON + C and all spice. Blend until smooth.

  • In a large mixing bowl add the chopped dried figs, sultanas, raisins, grated apple, coconut sugar, flour and breadcrumbs and stir together with the blended ingredients.

  • Once combined, spoon into the Bundt tin and press it in tightly.

  • Cover with the buttered parchment and foil (butter side facing the pudding) and tie a string around it to seal the tin. Trim any excess parchment/foil.

  • Lower into a large saucepan on top of scrunched up foil (so that the Bundt tin doesn’t touch the bottom), then fill the saucepan with boiling water until about halfway up the tin.

  • Cover and allow to simmer for 1 hour.

  • Remove and allow to cool uncovered for several hours. Wait for pudding to completely cool before removing from the tin.

  • Serve warm with toppings of your choice.