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100% organic cotton Qsilica cosmetic bag. Sourced in India and beautifully handcrafted in Melbourne by The Linen Press. Featuring a koala design, this bag is perfect to store Qsilica and other cosmetic products while travelling, in a handbag or on-the-go. Limited stock available!

The Story behind the bag:

The certified organic cotton begins as a tiny seedling maturing to tall stalks with yellow flowers. The flower heads quickly turn red, fall off and leave behind a green pod - the humble beginnings of the cotton ball.Under the Indian sun, the ball begins to grow and swell, as new fibres lengthen and thicken within the pod. Approximately 10 weeks later, a creamy, fluffy cotton ball pushes forth.

The cotton is harvested and spun into balls of luxurious yarn and dyed only with eco-friendly inks, meeting organic standards. It is woven into yards of fabric, then cut and sewn into cosmetic bags. 


Additional Information

Machine washable