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Health that’s green. Health that’s clean.

Your vegan support pack for increased energy and exceptional health. The VITUS VEGAN KIT provides the ultimate support for a plant based lifestyle. VITUS SPIRULINA is 66% protein and provides plant-based iron with an abundance of nutrients for increased energy levels. VITUS VEGAN B12 powder gives you 100% of essential nutrients like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, and is an easy addition to your daily smoothies, shakes, breakfasts, dinners and baked goods. VITUS IRON + C provides your daily intake of plant-based iron as well as vitamin C to optimise the absorption of iron in the body as well as your immune system.

Included is a premium stainless steel VITUS SHAKER for mixing your VITUS powder smoothies.

The 'Best Selling' book 'MY 20 GOLDEN RULES' by plant-based health researcher Jason Shon Bennett offers guidance for achieving exceptional health.

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Each bundle contains:
1 x Pure Desert Grown SPIRULINA 220 Tablets
1 x Pure Plant Sourced VEGAN B12 90g Powder
1 x Pure Plant Sourced IRON + C 120g Powder
1 x Premium Stainless Steel Shaker
1 x My 20 Golden Rules by Jason Shon Bennett

$172.75 $112.75

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