ONE LIFE Essential Kitchen Kit

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Welcome to nature’s kitchen.

The ONE LIFE HEALTHY KITCHEN KIT includes wholefoods made from the purest ingredients, sourced from around the world, to mix, stir, shake and blend your way to better health.

  • VITUS Pure Premium Grown Spirulina contains 66% protein and is nutrient dense to enhance energy, immunity and vitality. Add to smoothies, salad dressings, dips and dressings for an abundance of synergistic health benefits.

  • Pure Plant Sourced Vegan B12 provides 100% of your daily allowance of this essential nutrient. Made form 89% organic ingredients from Australia and the U.S.A, the mild and savoury taste make sit great for sprinkling over meals.

  • Pure Plant Sourced Iron + C, made with organic curry leaves is a rich non haem iron source perfect for stirring through smoothies, shakes, porridges and muesli’s.

  • Pure Ocean Sourced Calcium from the mineral rich waters of Iceland is a nutrient dense non-dairy calcium that can be baked, stirred, sprinkled and mixed through most meals.

  • Includes the best-selling book 'My 20 Golden Rules' by Jason Shon Bennett and Premium Stainless Steel Shaker to provide plant based health and nutritional guidance.

Each kit contains:

1 x Pure Desert Grown Spirulina 250g Powder

1 x Pure Plant Sourced Vegan B12

1 x Pure Plant Sourced Iron + C

1 x Pure Ocean Sourced Calcium

1 x My 20 Golden Rules by Jason Shon Bennett

1 x Premium Stainless Steel Shaker



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