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Skin Care

Australian Bush Flower

Gentle Face Wash Serum - Morning Citrus Dynamis
Delicate, gentle cleansing. A non detergent organic face wash formula for delicate, sensitive, mature, oily or normal skin, containing Australian Bush Flower Essences and organic sun ripened citrus to gently cleanse and invigorate even the most delicate and mature skin. With revitalising energy to enliven the skin, senses and soul.

Additional Information

Organic Sun ripened Citrus and Australian Bush Flower Essences: Angelsword, Bauhinia, Billy Goat Plum, Bottlebrush, Five Corners, Fringed Violet, Macrocarpa.

Moisten your beautiful face and gently apply in a circular cleansing motion, rinse well.

Store in a cool place. Avoid contact with eyes.