Planet Health is the market leading national distributor and marketer of premium natural health and beauty products in Australia, and a growing force in the UK, Europe and Asia. This is the story of Planet Health’s amazing journey so far:


Planet Health are a family-owned and managed Australian natural health company that have prevailed as a market-leader for over two decades. Founded by Peter and Mandy Harwood in 1996, and with many years experience within the industry, both directors shared a vision to create a natural health company like no other.

Suppliers of innovative, premium natural health products, supported by customer care exceeding all expectations, Planet Health is today a market leading brand owner, marketer and distributor of premium natural health and beauty products in Australia.



Planet Health was created in 1996 with a mission to create a company that is committed to helping not only our customer’s health, but also that of our planet. After a successful launch into the Australian market with a selective portfolio of premium ethical brands, Peter’s brother Andrew Harwood who was already employed by a market leader in the natural health industry, joins Planet Health in 1997 bringing his dedication to fitness and natural products. Today, Andrew is a Director and General Manager.

During 2000, as the business booms, Planet Health Head Office relocates to the heart of the Southern Highlands in Bowral, NSW, just over an hour from Sydney. The pristine scenery of the locale perfectly complements the healthy lifestyle promoted by Planet Health and from here the business thrives!

Planet Health quickly develops a reputation as an innovative market leader of exclusive premium natural health and beauty products, and in 2004 are selected as a Finalist in the Telstra Business Awards.

The years to come demonstrate Planet Health’s passion, integrity and dedication to the natural health industry. The introduction of their own flagship brands: Qsilica in 2006 and VITUS in 2017 are a testament to Planet Health’s enduring love of the natural health industry, a commitment to innovation, and a belief in the ethical treatment of animals. Both Qsilica and VITUS embody the signature Planet Health values of providing effective, natural solutions to customers in the most ethical way possible, whilst inflicting no harm to animals.

In 2018, Peter and Mandy’s daughter Tess Harwood joins the Planet Health team as Head of Creative. Designing the packaging for our VITUS brand whilst still studying at NABA University in Milan, Tess has since graduated with honours and then completed six months at McCann World Group before joining the family business. Like her parents, Tess is a passionate animal rights campaigner practising a plant based vegan lifestyle.