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Enjoy a wintry and wondrous Christmas in July with our VITUS vegan Christmas pudding.

Are you aware of the complete reliance nature, the earth and ultimately our survival has on the infamous bee? Remarkably, bees help to pollinate over one third of all food on earth.

Tracey Bennett cooks up this delicious dairy free pesto, infused with VITUS Spirulina in her latest cooking video with VITUS.

Wholefood specialist Jason Shon Bennett explains in his latest video how what we eat affects the digestive system, and his recommendations for "fueling the engine of the body."

Enjoy as a dip with veggie sticks, natural rice crackers, sourdough bread or put a big dollop on top of your salad for lunch or dinner!

Tracey Bennett creates a delicious recipe for Sprouted Chickpea Hummus, infused with a non-dairy calcium supplement from VITUS.

Tracey Bennett explains the many benefits of cooking deliciously healthy meals with VITUS Pure Sourced Wholefoods.

Jason Shon Bennett explains how Spirulina is one of nature's ultimate superfoods and how it can help you achieve 'exceptional health.'

Health Researcher & Best Selling Author Jason Shon Bennett explains how VITUS Spirulina is the perfect addition to your health and wellness regime

VITUS brand advocate, author and natural health researcher Jason Shon Bennett is dedicated to the pursuit of health and wellness for himself and others.

Best selling author and health researcher Jason Shon Bennett explains why VITUS Pure Vegan Wholefoods are a worthy addition to any pantry.

Free of illness and medication for over 25 years, Jason Shon Bennett is partnering with us to help you discover better health and nutrition.

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