Wise VITUS Monkeys 🙈 🙉 🙊🐒

 There was once a story of 3 wise monkeys... (*cue - rewind/fast forward sound*)...

This is a story of 4 wise (veeeegan) monkeys! Monkey 1 sees no evil by covering its eyes. Monkey 2 hears no evil by covering its ears. Monkey 3 speaks no evil by covering its mouth. Monkey 4 eats no evil by rubbing its belly.

There's no monkeying around with this story.

"We're all born vegan" couldn't be truer to our essence. Like Monkey 1 (the wise one), none of us like to see animal cruelty. We cover our eyes to avoid the pain that's inflicted onto our fellow counterparts. Animals have a soul. Like Monkey 2 (the sweet one), no one wants to hear of animal cruelty. It hurts us to hear it so we don't listen. Seems 'easy', hey? Like Monkey 3 (the clever one), only some of us want to talk about animal cruelty. It's not positive, right? Hurting animals isn't either. Like Monkey 4 (the gentle one), we all know that a plant-based diet feels good.

There's no monkeying around with VITUS.

1. We see no evil. Our products are 100% verified-vegan.

2. We hear no evil. We don't support industries that hurt animals.

3. We speak no evil. "You need to eat meat" isn't in our lingo!

4. We eat no evil. There's no flesh and bones here, just plants.

Follow the 4 Wise VITUS monkeys for a wiser, sweeter, clever and gentler life.